About Myslik, Inc.

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MYSLIK, INC. specializes in Snow, Ice, and FOD Control products. The owner, Bill Myslik, has been involved in the Snow Removal/Airport Industry since 1983. Bill, along with our very knowledgeable and experienced team (a combined total of 80+ years of experience), feels that all the products we represent are among the most unique and technically advanced available.

We constantly strive to be the most ethical, knowledgeable, customer focused company in the industry while providing our customers with the highest quality, high performance, best supported equipment and products to the Airport and Highway Maintenance markets.

Feel free to contact us -- We are sure we will be able to help you with a solution that works for your operation.


  • Myslik, Inc. carried just about everything we needed.  The equipment we bought from Myslik, Inc greatly improved our overall operation.  Great customer service!
    Buckley AFB